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Avoiding the ‘FAUX’tographer


Have you ever wondered if you avoided the fauxtographer?  Do you know what one is?   Are you not sure what to look for?  Are you not certain if they are a fauxtographer or a photographer?  Ask questions!  That is one of the easiest ways to find out what the photographer knows as well.  First take a look at their photo’s, do you like their work?  Does it speak to you?  Is the subject in focus?  Or is the subject blurry and the background crystal clear?  Or is the whole photograph in focus?  Yes, as sad as it is I have seen fauxtographer’s do all of these things.  A good photographer can create the look that they are trying to achieve in about a blink of an eye.  As well as make those background colours look creamy and yummy!  Below I have posted a creamy photo where the subject is in focus the other photograph is where the subject is not in focus but the background is.

See the difference?  It is huge!

The photography industry is over saturated and sometimes it is hard to distinguish the differences between the professional photographer and the fauxtographer.  These people are undervaluing the industry in a big way!  So please before you allow the price be your deciding factor on who you hire think about how long you plan on having these treasured memories in your home!  When hiring a photographer the quality of the images are that much more.  Do they use a professional photo lab and I am not talking about the kind we can get at local stores, as this really is a difference.  Are they just a shoot and burn operation?  That is where you hire a ‘photographer’ and your only option is to purchase a disk and they really don’t offer any other product and they care about the customer experience.

A Fauxtographer – has a fancy camera that takes nice pictures and they think that’s all they need.  A fauxtographer could have learned how to shoot in manual mode but they don’t know how to shoot to obtain certain looks and styles.  Most likely they blame focusing, lighting and color issues on their camera.

– Do they only have a facebook fanpage?  Most will only have a fanpage, some will have a website.

– How many images do you get with your session?  They will give you a disk with ALL of the images

– Is there a contract?  They will not have one set in place.

– Do they understand what ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture are?  These are all settings on our camera, most fauxtographers will not understand how to use their camera’s properly.

– Are there images that have off skin tones?  Such as blue and orange.

– Does the ‘photographer use the built in flash?  They will use the pop up flash where as a professional will use (one or more) an external one to bounce the light and have a more controlled flash

– Do they have backup gear?  This is vital as sometimes our gear can fail us when we least expect it.

– Do they have business insurance?

– Is their business registered with the government?

In most cases they don’t run a legit business.   Just be more aware when you are searching for a photographer and keep these things in mind. Value or quantity really does count!


September 19, 2012 - 4:27 PM

Sabrina - Fantastic advise. Wish I would have read this artical before looking for a photographer.

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