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Most people when they are hiring a photographer look for someone that will give a disk to them! As we want all of the images. But you really want to share the images on social media like facebook. It is a far cry from waaaay back when when we had photo albums and I am not talking about a professional coffee table albums. You know those ones where you slide the 4 x 6 into the sleeve. And then we would all sit around while we had company and show off our much treasured photo albums! How many of us still do that? I’m guilty! I don’t. We are in the digital age where we keep everything on our computer or are phones.
How many of you have lost that disk that cost a fortune or your child scratched it and it doesn’t work?! I am happy to tell you in the very near future I will be offering a USB instead of the disk. Here is why….

Do you remember Beta? *gulp yes I admit I do! But shhhhhh don’t tell anyone(I am not old enough too)! It will be our secret! Or as my daughter says, pinky swear. In case you don’t remember before VHS their was something briefly out called Beta it is very similar to the VHS it just never really stood a chance compared to the super cool technology of the VHS! And to fast forward a few decades to the DVD and now the Blue Ray. But there is more….
Have you heard about the new macbook pro? It doesn’t even have a disk slot to put into the computer just a USB port. What does that mean for all of those disks that you have including those very precious photo’s? Sometime in the very near future, we will all be scrambling to put them all onto a USB port so we can still view them!

Or even better yet, order those beautiful images before you lose them or you can’t even use your disk! These are your precious memories of your family, that you have been putting off saying oh I’ll do it next month to get your favorite images on canvas or that professional photo album or prints for your walls. Don’t risk losing your memories, it is not worth it!

September 26, 2012 - 12:28 PM

Sabrina - What a great option! I think your the 1st to offer this.

October 16, 2012 - 2:07 PM

Deny - You’ve hit the ball out the park! Incrdeible!

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