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February’s Special Needs Nominations

I am so humble to have received all of these nominations in such a short time!  Each story pulls at my heart.  I love being able to make a differance in other people’s lives!


I would like to nominate my 5 year old
daughter Olivia Maeve.  She is the most amazing daughter that changes lives daily. 
She was born eight weeks early but completely healthy.  She developed an infection
on her seventh day and fought to survive.  We were told that she would be fine, she
would catch up.  It took us two and a half years of insitence to finally get a
diagnosis.  In that time, we worked so hard with Olivia, helping her to meet
milestones in her time and being amazed at her progress everyday.  Once diagnosed,
we were told that she may not walk or talk-she just started walking on her own and
she is amazingly bright.  She doesn't talk yet but fully understands me and we
communicate perfectly.  She is the most beautiful, determinded little girl-she has
made my husband and I better people and everyone that meets her falls in love.I
would love for you tom meet her and give you that opportunity!

Entry 2) NOMINATED - Lillia NOMINATED by Jennifer Jobe
I would like to nominate my daughter Lilia. she was born with 2 congential heart
defects, multple VSD's (holes in the heart) and CoA. she had open heart surgery at 2
weeks old, but her heart couldn't recover and she was put on ECMo and put on a heart
trasnplant list. she recieved her gift of life at 1 month old. and spent the next 6
months in the ICU fighting several complications and almost losing her several
times. she is now a happy 7 year old, with 3 siblings. she was tube fed but has
started to eat orally although she still has the tube, she is deaf and although she
is aided she speaks very little and communicates mostly by ASL. she has a stent in
her left lung, and chronic lung disease.

Entry 3) NOMINATED Lilly, Sophie, Kristopher & Nathalie NOMINATED by Dana Davies-Hales
To tell you a little bit about us.  Tony and I adopted Lilly (7), Sophie (6),
Kristopher (almost 5) and Nathalie just turned 2, not only are they adopted but they
are also biological siblings they all have the same birth mother.  Life is full of
challenges for our children, they all suffer the affects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. 
This is caused by their birth mother drinking alcohol during her pregnancies.  Our
children have sensory issues they don't like how things feel from a touch to
something they are wearing.  They have no sense of danger they would walk into the
road without thinking that there is a car coming.  Lilly our oldest goes up to
strangers and starts talking.  They have massive meltdowns, and mood swings.  They
have trouble making decisions, and don't do well socially.  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
is like walking around drunk without the buzz with all of your sensory on full blast
and no way to shut them off.

Sophie has a service dog named Crosby who has helped her out so much.  He helps keep
her calm and safe.  Sophie when out and about goes with Crosby she wears a vest or a
belt that is attatched to his jacket.  We are also working with Thames Centre
Service Dogs to get Lilly a service dog and she can't wait for this to happen it
would be so much to her.
Entry 4) NOMINATED Kingsley NOMINATED by Kymberley Teetzel
Kingsley is a charming little 3 year old boy, born with myelomeningocele spina bifida. He had his first surgery when he was just five hours old, followed by two brain surgeries and a second surgery on his spine just after his first birthday. Despite the bumps in his first year, he has managed to catch up on his milestones. Kingsley is paralyzed below the waist and uses a wheelchair to chase after his two older sisters. He tells horrible jokes, laughs deeply, and loves to snuggle. We are blessed to have Kingsley in our lives.

I thank each and everyone of you that have entered and shared your beautiful story!  Please share this contest as I want to make this a huge success!  xo Stacey

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