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How do I know you?

This past weekend I had the honor of photographing the owner of the London Chapter of MOMpreneur’s, Sara Clarke.  Sara and Roger invited me into their beautiful home to take family photograph’s for Christmas.


We had such a blast spending time together!  Nate was posing at every opportunity for the camera!  Even his little brother’s loved it, well except Spencer (Sara’s youngest) who was not ready!  That was his catch phrase….he was super cute!

Look at the love that these two have for one another.  I have to admit I love to photograph couples who are every bit in love as when they first got married!

As some of you know I have known Sara for about 14 years!  WOW!  Is that ever crazy to even say!   I knew when I first saw her that she looked familiar I just could not place it!  It was when I sent her money via paypal (as some of you have more then likely experienced, once you sign up for your paypal account and if you get married it is such a hassle to change your name, so I have not done so).  As soon as she saw my maiden name she made the connection!  I had bought my wedding gown from her!!  How incredible that she remembered that!  I loved Sara she was great!  And the customer service wow!  I even remember her talking about her then boyfriend (who is now her husband).  We had so much fun together when I went in!  I thought about her from time to time wondering what she was doing.  Who knew that she would eventually come back into my life!  Sara is so incredibly inspiring and I can’t wait to see how she can help develop, connect as well as inspire all of us MOMoreneur’s.

Thank you again you two for inviting me into your home to capture you and your family!


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