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How to take better ‘Mom’ Photograph’s!

As a mom myself I know how hard it is to take photograph of my children! They don’t listen, they whine and do about anything and everything that I don’t want them to do. I am here to tell you some of the secrets on how to take better photographs of your kids.

The Camera
First I am here to tell you, you don’t need a fancy camera. It’s not the camera that makes the photograph it’s the photographer!

Time of day
Decide on a time that your kids will be happy rather then just before naptime when they will be cranky and not ready to listen.

Simple is better. You don’t want to distract from your children. Taking care to see what else will be in the frame. Fields are perfect or even the beach or even your backyard. Just make sure where you do go and if you don’t own the property or it’s not public property, make sure to ask permission first.

Can really make or break a photograph! Try to stay away from midday when the sun is the harshest. If you have no other choice, use full shade ie. side of a building. The best time of day
Is just after dawn or just before dusk, this is what we as photographers call Golden Hour.

Rule of thirds is so important. Actually this post was inspired by a conversation between my Mother and daughter, Ara. My mom was telling my Ara that she needed to put the subject in the middle of the photograph and I said well actually that is not right you never want your subject in the middle. As a photo is more interesting when your subject is more to the left. Please see the photograph below for an example.

When setting up a pose you want to create triangles within the pose. It makes the photograph more interesting. Don’t forget to get them close together and that they look comfortable. If they don’t look comfortable then it will not look good in the photograph. Make sure that your child straightens up their posture and of course smiles for you.

Focus on subject
When looking through the viewfinder (the eye piece) pay attention to your focal points(the little [ ] when looking through the viewfinder) and focus on your subject and not the background. This will ensure that your children are in focus and not the background.

Be positive
Be positive and happy and will get those smiles or say something to make them laugh or have some one standing behind you doing this. Don’t forget to have fun as that is really what it is all about!

A lot to think about, I know but it is worth it once you capture that one truly amazing photograph!

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Please note that this is my opinion and I do not claim to know everything there is about photography.

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