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Long lost memories!

Have you even driven by that spot and had a memory triggered and then you can not stop crying.  Well, I was driving through Northwest London the other day (this is where I spent a lot of time growing up) and it hit me like a ton of bricks once again. Why did we never have that extended family portrait taken?  And now it is too late we will never be able to get those memories back (or at least not with my father, my grandmother and my grandfather who are all passed away now).  Nor will I be able to pass those precious could be photographs from generation to generation. I would have loved to have had professional photograph’s to hang up on my walls or even an album just to flip through. Oh the comfort that would bring not only to me but for our entire family!  Almost like those days when we wrap ourselves in our cozies and a blanket and sit by the fire and eat our favourite comfort food on a cold day!  That makes me sad.  I mean really, really sad. Have you ever had those same feelings?  Where your emotions just take over then you can not stop crying wishing, just wishing that you had taken the time to get those family portraits that you can treasure for a lifetime!!! It is not a good feeling to realize this.  It is almost like a piece of history missing.  I am here to tell you, you can make that difference that my family never did. Learn from my family’s mistake. Pick up that phone or open up your email and send me a message it will only take a few moments, asking me to photograph your family!  You will not regret it! I promise!

This is one of my happy places!


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