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New Years Eve Funomenon Interview with Dave Cripps President of Playright Playgrounds Ingersoll

This was the first year for the annual event of Funomenon New Years Eve Event!  This was a child friendly New Years Eve event for all ages.  All proceeds went towards building playgrounds for the children of Ingersoll.  At this event there was facepainting, games, a craft area, a bouncy castle, magic show with Hoppy the clown (from Dotsy Entertainment), photobooth, ice skating and to end the evening a balloon drop with 2000 balloons!  It was a huge success, with over 700 people in attendance.  With that being said so many volunteers helped in pulling off this fabulous event!  I am so happy that Stacey Hanlon Photography was part of it all.

I was honoured to be able to interview the president of PlayRight Playgrounds Ingersoll Dave Cripps.  I really look forward to what is in store for Ingersoll in the future.

This 10 year project affects our children (and children to come) in everyway!


What is PlayRight Playgrounds? And what part do they play in our community?

PlayRight Playgrounds Ingersoll is a registered charity with a volunteer board of directors.  The organization hosts two annual fundraisers:  The Movie in the Park in July and The New Years Even Funomenon in December.  PlayRight Playgrounds Ingersoll has been established to expand and replace the outdoor recreational facilities in and around the town of Ingersoll, with our main focus being to provide accessible playgrounds with a unique experience within walking distance of all residential neighbourhoods.


How did this idea come to life?

The idea actually came about as a result of the length of time it took to fundraise for new equipment at one of the local public schools.  After that a quiet lunch between Adam Funnell and I took a great idea and turned it into a great local organization that we are still building on. Through the formation of PlayRight and partnership with the town of Ingersoll we were able to procure a grant from Farm Credit Canada to complete the fundraising – we then hosted a community build with the parent council.


Tell me a bit about yourself?

I reside in Ingersoll with my wife, Cathy and our four children.  I have been involved in a number of community initiatives over the years including Scouts Canada, the relay for life and various parent groups.  During the day I work as an IT project manager in the insurance industry.  I was lucky to have a number of volunteers that provided activities to me through organizations like Junior Achievement, Scouts Canada, and the playground equipment that PlayRight was involved with replacing at Harrisfield Publics School was put in by the community when I was in kindergarten at that school.  This organization is one great way that I have been able to continue to give back to the community of Ingersoll.

What events can we look forward to in the future?

After the recent success of the first annual New Years Eve Funomenon, I foresee it becoming entrenched as an annual event. We will also be hosting a Movie in the Park July 5th.  We currently have a grant application in with HRDC if we are successful that grant with assistance from the town of Ingersoll will result in the unveiling of new equipment in Garnett Elliott Park – hopefully this summer!


What is your 10 year plan?

Our initial plan is to ensure that there is exciting equipment available within a short walking distance from every home in Ingersoll.  Our current candidate lists of parks to procure equipment for include:  Garnett Elliott, Victoria Park, Kensington Park, Lions/Westfield, and Centennial Park.  The combined estimated cost of these projects will exceed $800 000.


If someone wanted to volunteer, how does one go about doing so?

We can always use volunteers for our fundraisers, communications, website development and community liasons.  If anyone is interested you can contact any board member or email  We will also issue charitable donations receipts for any cash or credit card donations over $20.00.  For more information please visit

Thank you Dave for taking the time for me to interview you.  As you can see this is just the beginning.  I am so excited for the future of our children.  Dave Cripps and Adam Funnell (and all of their volunteers) are doing amazing things!  I look forward to Movie Night in the Park in this summer.


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