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Special Needs Contest Winner | London Ontario & Area Children’s Photographer

I am so happy that this contest is a draw!  It would be so hard to pick just one family that is more deserving then the next.  To me each family is deserving!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every entry that cam in.  As some of you do not know,  I am an emotional person.  Yup I cry at a drop of a hat.  Yesterday I was at the hairdresser’s and she had me in tears telling me her story of being hospitalized as well as one of her friends.  They were both very close to death….any who…..back to the topic on hand, the special needs contest I cried at every story I read!  Each one was just as beautiful as the next.

I put all the names in to a basket and I had my daughter Ara pick a name and the winner is : Lillia Nominated by JENNIFER JOBE I thank everyone that sent in their entries for this month as well as sharing your story with me.

If you didn’t enter this month but you would like to.  Good news as I am doing this next month as well.  I want to make this extremely successful.  If you could please share this with any one that you feel could benefit from having a shoot done.  As sometimes photo’s get overlooked or you don’t have enough time or even money to get them done.  Please send me a brief description and you may include a photo for me to post here to my blog.  Send the entries to

Thank you for allowing us to take a glimpse into your life.  I look forward to reading each of your entries!


I have 2 entries for March


NOMINATED – Tanner NOMINATED by Carol Wood

I’d love to nominate my 12 yr old son Tanner for the special needs photo shoot.

Unknown to us, Tanner would be born with Down syndrome. His blond hair and blue eyes

captured our hearts immediately. Unfortunately, his heart had not developed properly

and he would require open heart surgery to live. He spent his first 4 weeks in

hospital until he was strong enough to come home. At 16 weeks of age he underwent

surgery to repair his heart. Complications kept him in hospital for another month.

Finally at 5 months of age, my beautiful boy came home healthy. Tanner’s development

was delayed as expected, but he tried so hard and was so proud of each

accomplishment. At the age of 16 months though, we started to suspect there was more

going on. Tanner battled repeated infections and lost some of the milestones he had

reached, the biggest being eating. At the age of 3 we were finally able to get

things back under control, but he still eats only a puréed diet to this day.

Finally, at the age of 5, we received a diagnosis of Autism. While Down syndrome

changed our lives, autism challenged it! Tanner is non-verbal but communicates with

an awesome app on his iPad. He loves soccer, swimming and bowling. In July 2010, he

got to participate as a demonstration athlete in the Special Olympics Canadian

National Games. We are so proud of our beautiful young man. He reminds us every day

of the truly important things in life.

“Sometimes on the way to a dream, you get lost…and find a better one.” – unknown



Already in his short 16 yrs of life, Ty Perrott has faced more obstacles and challenges that many of us would never endure in our entire lifetime. Born at 25 weeks, Ty and his surviving brother Brad, both born with Cerebral Palsy have amazed all of those who are fortunate enough to know them with their perseverance, incredible spirit and optimism. They both truly inspire and teach us the true meaning of acceptance and determination. However it’s not been an easy road. Ty has faced several surgeries and hospitalizations to address his many medical challenges. Just when it would look hopeless- Ty would rally back in part because of the love and support from his family and friends. But the family needs our help !

Costs associated with being in the hospital are high; not to mention the loss of wages for his parents. His mom Traci has to stay by his side to advocate for him because he’s unable to tell others what he needs or that it hurts. As his Aunt, I started this page to start a fundraising mission to raise money to help with the costs as Ty is right now in Children’s Hospital in critical care on life support once again fighting for his life… So please help us help Ty and his family through any means you can! Please show this LOCAL family that they live in a community that cares!!! See the FOR THE LOVE OF TY face book page about how you can get involved and help!!! Thank you so much.

I thank each and everyone of you that have entered and shared your beautiful story!  Please share this contest as I want to make this a huge success!  xo Stacey

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