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Stratford Ontario {family & Child photographer} Rainy spring day

This shoot is located in Stratford, one of my ULTIMATE favorite places to go.  I <3 it here, it is just so quaint!   And if you go it is sooo hard to not go to Rheo Thompson’s chocolate store!  In my opinion it is the best chocolate store around!  If you do go you must try the mint smoothie’s, they really are delish!  Yes, this is my weakness.  Can you not tell?  This is a workshop that I did with an amazing photographer Erin Samuell from A Simple Photograph.  And these are one of her favorite clients.  This here is Dana, Jeff and little Hunter who is one and a half.  Having older children you soon forget that you were constantly running after them and making sure they are safe and little Hunter was no different! …sigh!  Those were the days!  Their images turned out so well!

On the day of this shoot it was a cold and rainy day in early March.  Luckily it was only a drizzle, but just enough to get wet.  I LOVE doing shoots in the rain!  They really are fun to do.  And this is coming from someone who hates the rain…so go figure!!!  I have a new found love for the rain!  But as a photographer it really is the perfect weather for a shoot!  But the thing is you have to find the right kind of client who enjoys being in the rain as much as you do.  This family was such good sports, they were rolling around and playing and giggling with one another.  Just enjoying the Sunday afternoon regardless of the weather.  I would love to come back soon and do another shoot as it is such an amazing place to shoot at as well to visit.


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