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Sweet Smiling Baby Love | Baby Photographer | Ingersoll Ontario

Ahhh to catch up on some much needed blogging!  I’m almost there!  As my followers can see I just revamped my entire blog and made it much cleaner and easier to use.  I also updated my images!  If I have shot you before than you could be up there in my slideshow?!  How cool is that?!  I think it’s pretty sweet!

This session was back at the beginning of summer in June?  I wish mother nature would bring back summer just for a little longer.  I’m not ready to let go of the nice hot weather just yet….but regardless of what we want, the next season is upon us.   In fact we have turned on our furnace…yes I just said that dreaded word.  I wish it wasn’t true….and along with the furnace comes the other dreaded word of socks…yes I have been wearing them.  Have you given in like I have?  As much as I would love not to I have to admit it!

Any who, back to the sweet smiling baby!  I love me some baby love but then again who doesn’t *sigh* that sweet baby’s breath, the scent of their soft skin, the way their hair feels, the sweet little snuggles….oh how you forget yes us Momma’s got to get our baby fix some how!  I enjoyed every moment!

Little Mr K came in my studio at 6 weeks new!  He was such a sweet smiling baby boy!  I loved my time with him and his sweet
Momma!  We were lucky enough that the weather was starting to get warm out so we took him outside for some of our time together.  He did such a wonderful job…although he didn’t do much sleeping but you really can’t expect that at his age….but I was lucky enough to get some of those images for his momma.

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