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Toronto Ontario {newborn photographer} Perfection!

It has been a little while since I last blogged and if you have been following on Facebook you will have seen that I have had a few sessions since.  So, I’m sorry for all of my blog stockers that I have not posted in a while.  It has been a trying time in my life as of late.  My hold up is the simple fact that I’m expecting.  I’m now over that wonderful first 3 months of morning sickness.  Such an exciting time!  We can’t wait!

Some of us bloggers are the same way and I am no different.  My next blog post is not in order….and it makes me feel a little lost…so to speak.  So below is my little nephew, Mr D.  These pictures where taken last week and he was 7 weeks.  He is such a big boy!  When he was born he was 9, 10 oz what a big boy he was!  And I can’t forget to mention that he was almost 2 weeks overdue!  I hated being overdue with both of my kids….that feeling urg!  Okay so lets not go there!  Mr. D is so cute and of course I’m just slightly prejudiced!!!!  We didn’t get a chance to visit too long….and being that the whole family went to meet Mr D, the shoot ended up just being a little mini shoot.  Just as well I got some great shots!  I can’t wait to watch you grow up! *sigh* that just makes me think of my own children who are 8 and 6.  My little man starts grade 1 thins year *tear* ok ok *TEARS*.  Are they ever growing up before my eyes!  And soon we bring a new bundle of joy into our lives!  Can’t we just hold on a little longer to our babies.  We all know the answer to that as much as we don’t want to thing about it.  Time passes way too quickly and we can’t slow down that clock and we want to treasure every memory that comes our way.  This is where I come in…..capturing those precious moments.

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