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Who do you trust?

Have you ever trusted someone with everything and they broke that trust? I am talking about your dirty laundry you know that yourr your mother always told you not to air out!!! But you didn’t listen. Yup, I didn’t listen and I had that happen too. Sometimes Mom really does know best….but not always right?! You with me?! We all know how hard it is to regain that trust back, if ever!!!
A few weeks ago it was all over facebook that EVERYONE could see our private messages!!!! Ya, that was false right? WRONG!!! Sure enough it was true! WOW!!! Can you believe that? I was shocked! How can fb do that? Or better yet why! I am sure we will never know. But to me private information should stay private?! Sometime it is easy to forget that on facebook we ‘rent’ our space in our little corner. We have always been told that once we post on the internet it is there forever! I know scary huh? Do we trust that this will never happen again? OR are you or have you already found something else to replace your compulsion to look at you fb. Yes we are all obsessed? If your not I’d admire you and would love to chat to find out your secret! Do we trust that they will never break that trust? Or have you found another social media outlet yet? There are so many other social media outlets such as pinterest, google +, twitter. I am sure I have forgotten a few. It is hard to find someone or even something you trust! And when you do you confide every pore of your being you want to make sure you can fully trust.

Thank heavon’s for best friends! Call yours and tell them how much they mean to you! Xox
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween tonight!

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